Electrical works:

  1. MV/LV substation and transformers
  2. Power plant installation (generators) and power distribution (electrical main switchboard, panels)
  3. LV distribution (bus duct, cable support and distribution and cabling works)
  4. UPS installation
  5. Supply Mechanical Electricals Equipment
  6. Mechanical Electricals (ME)

Plumbing and fire fighting:

  1. Water treatment plant installation and piping works
  2. Cold and hot water production and distribution
  3. Storm water drainage and pumping systems
  4. Soil and waste water treatment
  5. Equipment installation and water treatment for swimming pools
  6. Fire fighting systems
  7. LPG systems


  1. Air-cooled chilled water systems with desuperheater for hot water
  2. Water-cooled chillers
  3. Cooling towers
  4. Air-handling units, fan coil units and split systems
  5. Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems
  6. Fresh air, ventilation and exhaust systems (including ductworks system)
  7. Cold rooms
  8. Clean rooms
  9. Building Management System (BMS) implementation

Communication & Security Systems

  1. Security/Access Control
  2. Fire Alarm systems
  3. Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) & Master Antenna Television (MATV)
  4. Telephone & data (Cabling, PABX)
  5. Public Address (PA and EWIS)

Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance & Services

The OODS Group of companies maximizes technical, financial and environmental performance by maintaining clients’ equipment and systems and helping in energy consumption reduction and product life span maximization. With over 100 professional technicians led by highly-qualified engineers, The OODS Group provides proactive maintenance solutions. Moreover, it offers emergency management, hotline ability as well as permanent in-house and manufacturers staff training.

Key services provided by Comin include:

  • Providing complete service solutions by offering preventive and corrective maintenance and operation.
  • Carrying out routine testing, equipment repair and spare parts supply.
  • Offering consultancy service, reports and training.

The service division is organized into different specialized departments: air conditioning, refrigeration and kitchen equipment, electrical and extra low voltage, fire fighting and power generation.

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