The OODS Group capability is to manufacture large diameter, heavy weight pressure vessels for a range of industrial sectors including Petrochemical, Wastewater, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energies.

The OODS Group services repair include:

  • Plant maintenance & repairs
  • Shutdowns / turnarounds
  • Emergency repairs (immediate response)
  • Field erected equipment
  • Construction
  • Piping installation
  • HRSG (Cogen) erection
  • Heat Exchanger bundle pulling and rebuild
  • In-situ overlay and specialty welding
  • Boiler maintenance and rebuild
  • Vessel tray installation

Additional service are:

  • Design (PV Elite, PV Fabricator and NozzlePro software).
  • Fabrication
  • Plate roll up to 130 mm
  • Insulation
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Coating
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment

Other low temperature applications

Shipyard and engineering, Pressure Vessel & Tank Manufacturing, Oil& Gas Offshore Onshore Construction, Offshore Engineering, Marine Offshore Logistics

Maritime activities, including shipbuilding and ship repair, are essential for the economic and social functioning of society, both in the classical defense and security field, maritime transport and fisheries, and in all others that have emerged throughout time, such as offshore activities, maritime tourism, recreational boating and sea energy. With its highly skilled workforce and professional project teams, the OODS Group Shipyard and Engineering has greatly expanded the scope of its business, the focus shifting from ship-repair services inside the yard to providing a wide range of marine and offshore repair and maintenance services far beyond. As a result of years of intensive experience, the OODS Group can now guarantee its clients high-quality services at every level of the industry.

It has also been recognised by appreciative clients worldwide for its exceptional work-safety record. These high-standard work-safety programmes and practices are both mandatory and in full compliance with the standards established by major oil and gas companies and owners and our naval clients. In maintaining such a lofty level, the OODS Group has been able to successfully deliver top-quality service for: - FSO/FPSO, oil and gas platforms, jack-up rig maintenance, repairs and upgrades - Repair, maintenance and logistics support for commercial vessels calling at local ports and anchorage areas the OODS Group’s several alternative operating sites outside its main yard are strategically located, enable us to provide full support and meet clients’ requirements for marine and offshore repair work.

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